Moving !

I continue the blog adventure on Tumblr :


I scanned my sketchbook that I finished in Colombia !

It's not about doing good drawings or showing some skills, it's not a portfolio, here it's just what I draw for myself, through my travels, the my life experiences, ideas of projects, characters....
Some pages are very experimental but I keep them because I like the ideas or the moments they remind me. I like having a global eye on my work so I see the things I have to get rid of and the ones I have to keep :) 
Drawing is liiiiiifeeeeee !!

Click here to see the entire sketchbook

Some of the pages I like

Harry Uzoka

When you meet randomly an inspiring model you never thought you'll meet, ever

Process :

In London Streets

A girl I've seen on Oxford Street :) 1h


New project, new character
Here some of the researchs I did :


Just wanted to do a little recap of my year :D So much more to tell about this crazy year but it would take too much time ! I tried something more rough/ sketchy and I loved itttt ! I feel so blessed right now. I wish you all a year full of success and love ! Happy 2015 !!

a little bonus for fun (and yes all of this are my real clothes, I took a photo of each and cut it and ... yeah) (but honestly this is only 5% of what I bought in the year it's to hard to live  in a city with Topshop and RiverIsland and Primark of course where you just buy a 100 of socks and stupid stuff all the time it's so cheap)

Thanks Tove for correcting my english mistakess :D


Merry Christmas !

Updating my blog a bit late ! 

My drawing for my christmas card of the year :D

The cards (with glitter hihihihi) :

Host family

A little Xmas gift for my amazing host family :D 

The process : 

The colours and lights were totally killed when I printed it at a printshop : if someone know a good one in London, please tell meee

Life Drawing Exhibition - London

Heyyy we are doing an exhibiton with my life drawing class in the Cambria Pub in London ! Some pictures :


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